Musical instrument and audio equipment repair in Pittsburgh PA

Hollowood Music has a full-service in-house musical instrument and audio equipment repair department. We fully service and repair all types of guitars, stringed instruments, amplifiers and PA Equipment.

We have countless years of experience in repairing and servicing all types of musical instruments, PA & audio equipment, speakers, cabinets, and much more.

Call 412-771-3060 or stop by and our experts with be happy to help you with your all of your musical instrument & audio equipment repair needs.

List of our musical instrument and audio equipment repair services:

  • Acoustic, Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar Restrings
  • Amplifier Repair (Variable Bias, Fixed Bias)
  • Acoustic, Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar Setups — includes adjusting the neck, setting the action, setting intonation, nut and bridge adjustments, cleaning the electronics, tighten all hardware, restring, clean, and polish (strings are not included in price of set up)
  • Headstock / Structural repair
  • Pickup installation / Replacement
  • Input jack repair
  • Tuning machine replacement
  • Fret Level and polish
  • Refrets
  • Mods and custom work available

Need a repair or service on your cabinet, head, speaker, and other audio equipment. We repair and service:

  • Tube & Solid State/SMT Technologies
  • Complete & thorough circuit diagnostics
  • Tube replacement / Upgrades
  • Capacitor replacement / Upgrades
  • Speaker Replacement
Guitar Bridge Repair at Hollowood Music
Hollowood Music instrument and equipment repair

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