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Hollowood Pro Sound has been providing audio services in the Pittsburgh region since the 1970's. Our goals are simple. We try to provide the highest quality audio services for our clients and their audiences. Our relationship with our clients is what matters most. Hollowood Pro is able to put together full production services no matter the size of the event. Our events range from small back yard parties to commencements, church productions and large music festivals. If you need mobile staging, lighting or generators we can provide those as well. Whether you are a new customer or have been with us over the years, contact us and let us help plan your next event.

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Please call today to speak directly with Gary or Brad Hollowood. They would be happy to assist you utilizing their years of event production knowledge to make your next event a memorable experience.

Be sure to also visit our Backline page. Hollowood Pro Backline provides a wide range of new and vintage gear. [Read More]

Telephone: Gary or Brad Hollowood 412-771-3060 Ext 123

Hollowood Music & Sound and L'Acoustics

Hollowood Music and Sound has been working with L'Acoustics since the late 1990s when Gary Hollowood bought one of the first V-DOSC systems in the United States. Since that initial investment almost two decades ago, L'Acoustics has helped shape the Hollowood Music and Sound reinforcement brand. The renown sonic signature of an L’Acoustics audio system has become synonymous with the Hollowood name. For decades, this was only true for the live sound reinforcement branch of the company; but just within the last few years, L'Acoustics has entered into the permanent installation market as well.

In the spring of 2019, Hollowood Music installed an L'Acoustics KARAi true line source array system at the Roxian Theatre just down the street in McKees Rocks. Although Hollowood had installed a Meyer Sound system some years previous at Heinz Hall for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the high-powered L’Acoustics system at the Roxian was definitely something special.Hollowood has continued further with L'Acoustics installations throughout the Pittsburgh area with an A-Series system at the New Hazlett Theater in the city’s historic Allegheny Commons. These new A-Series elements were designed specifically for the permanent installation market, and the “black-box” nature of the New Hazlett proved to be the perfect application.

Hollowood Music and Sound has grown alongside L'Acoustics for the last twenty years, and have most recently completed a state-of-the-art immersive audio installation using the A-Series speaker elements at the Orchard Hill Church location in Wexford, just North of Pittsburgh. The L-ISA technology is the next generation of live audio production, and has been used on tours, in residencies, and with installations by some of the world’s most well known artists.

The relationship between Hollowood Music and L'Acoustics has grown into something truly amazing. The desire to deliver the best sound to our clients is what drives us every day to achieve at the highest level in our field.