Church Audio Video Installation

House of Worship
Snap, Crackle Pop

Are you experiencing signal interference with your wireless
microphones or monitors? Let us evaluate your existing
devices and determine if they have been affected by recent
FCC changes in legal operating bandwidths. We can make cost
effective recommendations and take advantage of
manufacturer rebates to reduce the cost of upgrades.

Loud and Clear
As your congregation grows so does the need to determine everyone can will hear you loud and clear. Let us review
your existing system and determine if all areas are receiving the proper sound levels, you have sufficient hearing
assisted devices
Keeping up with Technology
Technology is constantly evolving. Electronic social media, smart phones, Ipad’s, computers and other electronic
devices have transparently become part of our daily lives. This trend has extended into House of Worship and offers
exciting new ways to spread the word. Let us show you how you can cost effectively integrate this technology with
your existing equipment and take it to the next level. A user friendly interface is paramount. We can assist you in
offering on-demand video, video conferencing,
Please contact us today and let us help you utilize this technology today.

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